An aimless wander through Wakefield on a Sunday Afternoon

(23/11/2014, 15:44 – 16:36)

This series of three, ten second videos were commissioned by Art House as part of the Trinity Walk Big Screen Project.

The films drawer inspiration on my own experiences as a young adult, where on Sundays I would often find myself aimlessly wandering around whichever town I was local to at that time. Today it seems there is an endless array of things to do on a Sunday and not much cause or opportunity even for such aimless wonders. Whether this is just my perception or a reality I do not know.

The films were created in the winter between late afternoon and early evening (15:44 – 16:36). They are a sequence of stills taken continuously as I walked aimlessly around Wakefield, starting and finishing at Trinity Walk. The resulting images where put together into a 30 seconds of footage that document the walk and then divided into three, ten second episodes that were displayed on the big screen at Trinity Walk shopping centre over the Christmas and New Year period.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3