Untitled (22 Walks in Leeds at f22)

This is a project that resulted in an artist residency and solo exhibition with Arts@Trinity in Leeds. The works in Untitled (Walk to Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery from Waterloo Apartments, 27th September 2012, 17:41 – 18:06) from the series were also shortlisted for Vantage Art Prize.

Flip books displayed

In brief, this body of work attempts to describe 22 everyday walks taken in the city of Leeds at various times.

‘Shooting from the hip’ at f22 helps to express the ambience of the surroundings, but also record and demonstrate the movement of the walk itself.

There are a number of references within this work. ‘Shooting from the hip’ was a technique pioneered by Robert Frank in his documentary photography of the 1950s; f22 is an aperture traditionally used by photographers to obtain sharp photographs with a large field of focus; the title of the project pays homage to Richard Long’s ‘A Line of 33 Stones A Walk of 33 Days.’ In distancing these techniques from their original purpose, and bringing them together, this work reinterprets how we move through space and experience familiar, everyday landscapes.

The resultant pieces from each walk are demonstrated in the form of a contact sheet that displays every image exposed between the departure and arrival point. These images are also displayed in a stop motion animation either presented as a film and/or a flip book animation. The walk is then described by selecting and enlarging 22 images. The 22 photos are selected on the criteria of most photo stories I shoot; the ones that collectively best portray the narrative of the journey.

Detail from installation at Arts@Trinity…